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  • Risk Based Periodontal Therapy: The Dental Hygienist’s Role

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    Advances in research indicate that the successful prevention and treatment of periodontal disease hinges on assessing and managing clinical and behavioral factors.

  • Influencing Biofilm Repopulation with Oral Probiotics

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    What are the adjunctive therapies available to help our clients shift from a pathogenic biofilm to a healthier, more balanced biofilm?  How do we meet the challenge of helping our clients prolong and maintain that healthier balance to stop the progression of disease?

  • OSHA, Infection Control/BBP Training & HIPAA

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    A mandatory course that enjoys comments such as “I loved this speaker she kept my interest ….. She always makes her topic interesting.”

    Many states require an infection control course, based on the dental setting, once in a license monitoring cycle. The federal government requires an annual OSHA/Infection control class. All members of the Dental Team must be updated on this topic.

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    Poor Oral Hygiene and Cognitive Decline

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    Discover the link between oral inflammation and cognitive decline.  Learn of recent scientific findings showing that the periodontal pathogen, p. gingivalis can invade and inflame areas of the brain contributing to disease. Enroll now to expand your clinical expertise and improve patient outcomes. 

  • Medical History Front and Center: Oral Manifestations of Systemic Conditions

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    Expand your reasoning as we look at lesions and oral changes, deciphering the systemic conditions they are evidence of.  Hygienists with keen eyes for these lesions/changes and the conditions they are associated with can elevate both patient and employer appreciation.

  • Dental Implants…What your Patients Want to Know!

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    This course provides an in-depth discussion covering the many aspects of implant dentistry, focused on modern advances and questions your patient may have.

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