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  • Medical Emergency in Your Dental Practice, 7 Critical Steps

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    Are you prepared to handle medical emergencies that may occur during dental procedures?  This course covers medical emergencies with a focus on how to effectively interview patients to uncover undisclosed health information. Learn to handle emergencies with confidence and ensure the safety of your patients.

  • Salivary Diagnostics: How does it fit in with Your Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

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    Incorporating salivary pathogen testing as part of risk analysis helps us understand how the pathogenic profile is contributing to disease.  This valuable information guides the development of an individualized therapy treatment plan that will decrease bleeding, inflammation, address the host response, and begin shifting the biofilm to a healthier balance.

  • Microbiome, Nutrition and Dentistry

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    The human body possesses a unique combination of microorganisms that help impact weight, immunity, disease processes, mental function and oral health. This course explores the impact of the microbiome on both oral and systemic health. Nutritional science is presented to educate on how to bolster our Microbiota.

  • Oral and Periodontal Pathology

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    This “impressive” and visually engaging course is an in depth presentation of oral and periodontal tissue lesions that can be seen in private practice. Clinical signs and symptoms are reviewed, including radiographic interpretation and a review of dangerous warning signs.

  • Cultural Competence: Addressing Health Care Disparities in the Dental Health Field

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    It is essential for the dental health care professional to identify issues that disuade people from seeking proper treatment and undermine commitment to their own care.  This need has caused a growing number of states (and health insurance providers) to mandate this subject matter for healthcare professionals once in a license monitoring cycle.  

  • Ergonomics and Physical Challenges in the Dental Practice

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    Is your musculoskeletal hygiene suffering?  Take this ergonomics refresher to reduce muscle fatigue and improve your ability to perform in today’s challenging clinical environment.

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