Thank you so much. Attending the DHRP is one of the best choices I have made. I will definitely keep in touch.

Inez Simpson, RDH – NJ – DH Refresher

You were amazing from the first time we spoke! I am appreciative of all your knowledge and guidance. I was reinstated today in CT! Couldn’t have done it without the PLS team!

Denise Novotny, CT – DH Refresher

Preparation for this DH Refresher Course went smoothly for me, considering how long I have been away from practice. It was very organized and extremely detailed. All of the instructors’ depth of knowledge along with evidence based information and teaching style was awesome. The hands on portion was exactly what was needed to increase my…

Janet Gott, FL – DH Refresher

Thank you so much for the amazing and supportive education and guidance.

Kristine McNanara, CT – DH Refresher