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PLS is an ADA CERP and AADH, Inc. recognized continuing education provider and is authorized to award CEUs.  PLS has provided quality seminars tailored to dental practices for over 20 years!

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AHA BLS:  CPR and AED for the Dental Team (3 hours, 5 CEUs, 2 year CPR card)
Adult, Pediatric CPR, AED, Respirations and Obstructed Airway

  • Oriented and relevant to dental professionals
  • Personable instructors with consistently excellent ratings
  • Focused and fun learning experience
  • Efficient training scheduled at your convenience and location
  • Low student/teacher ratio for personalized attention
  • Course manuals and barrier masks provided
    Tuition is $105 pp - minimum of 5 ($10 for S&H of all CPR books)

Bridging the Gap:  Diversity and Cultural Competency in Dental Care (2 CEUs)    
CT Department of Public Health (DPH) mandatory CE for Dentist and RDHs.

This 2 hour presentation on Cultural Competency provides insight for the dental healthcare professional on unique verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  Participants will be enlightened on how recognizing cues, which are often critical in healthcare decisions and values, impact the treatment and care of patients. This workshop serves to promote team cohesiveness in regards to self-awareness, attitudes, beliefs, biases, and behaviors.  Additionally topics such as harassment and discrimination in the workplace are included.

Methods:  Lecture, discussion, participation, course handouts. 
Tuition:     $850 for up to 15 attendees.  The fee for additional attendees is $35 pp. 

OSHA & Infection Control Update (2 CEUs)
CT DPH mandatory CE for Dentist, CDA, DAs and RDHs.
Federal guidelines apply for annual renewal

Through this two hour presentation, your dental office will learn the risk factors and exposure to injury circumstances and how to prevent them.  A sound work environment is essential for employees. Record keeping, Hazards Communication and the Bloodborne Pathogens Standards Act are the main categories for compliance.
Topics addressed: Hazmat Rules, Record keeping, SDS manual, OSHA standards for darkroom, sterilization and lab areas, storage and disposal of PPE, exposure, disease transmission, and contaminated waste and more. Guidelines for injury to an employee are addressed.
Methods:  Lecture, discussion, participation, handouts. 
Tuition:    $850 for up to 15 attendees.  The fee for additional attendees is $35 pp. 

ICE Review and DANB prep course for Dental Assistants (3.5 hours)
CT Department of Public Health mandatory requirement for Dental Assistants
This comprehensive review for dental assistants serves to familiarize participants with the requirements for the Dental Assisting National Board's Infection Control Examination (ICE).
An interactive presentation will provide insight into recommendations for healthcare workers to implement and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for patients and providers in the dental setting.   The course includes reading materials, test taking tips and practice.

Course Objectives: Upon completion participants will:
 Identify regulations required by OSHA.
 Implement the current CDC and ADA infection control guidelines.
 Describe the modes of disease transmission, infectious disease and their relationship to patients and providers.
 Identify risk factors involved when working with bloodborne pathogens.
 Recognize potential risk factors and discuss prevention of HAV, HBV, HCV, HIV, and TB.
List the components and proper selection of PPE necessary for standard precautions.
 Identify steps necessary to achieve proficient hand hygiene.
 Choose an effective way to implement work practice and engineering controls.
List the proper steps for repor
ting and recording exposure to bloodborne pathogens and needle stick injuries by following a post exposure control plan protocol.
 Identify proper and effective use of surface disinfectants and barriers.
 Implement steps recommended for effective pre-cleaning and sterilization of instruments.
 Identify the benefits of biological spore testing.
Identify Hazards Communication Standards.

IMPORTANT:  CT State Law Mandates compliance by July 1, 2018
Dental Assistants required to be compliant with ICE certification should contact the Dental Assisting National Board to apply for the ICE exam.
 NOTE:  There is a sixty (60) day expiration date once approved to take the DANB ICE exam.  Contact to apply for the exam.
Disclaimer: Participants must be aware that there may be potential risks of using limited knowledge when incorporating techniques and procedures into practice when they have not received supervised clinical experience or demonstrate competency in infection control. This course is strictly a guide to prepare for the DANB ICE exam and does not guarantee results.
Methods:  Lecture, discussion, participation, course handouts. 
Tuition:  $1600 for up to 9 attendees. The fee for additional attendees is $150 pp
Additional tutoring is $150 per hour

Medical Emergencies for Dental Practices (2 CEUs)
In a two hour presentation, participants learn to identify, respond to, and treat early warning signs and symptoms that could lead to life threatening events.
Topics addressed: Protocol for breathing emergencies, diabetes, syncope, allergic reactions and seizures are reviewed.  A discussion on a team approach to in office emergencies and how to store and operate emergency equipment is the focus. Contents and utilization of first aid kits are also addressed.
Methods: Lecture, discussion, participation, course handouts.
Tuition:   $850 for up to 15 attendees.  The fee for additional attendees is $35 pp. 

HIPAA Rules (2 CEUs)
This 90 minute presentation provides a review of the compliance requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, including the changes under the Omnibus Rule finalizing the HITECH Act published in January 2013. Particular emphasis will be given to areas that are known to be challenging to provider compliance, as well as strategies to assure compliance with the changes to the Rule.
Methods: Lecture, discussion, participation, handouts
$850 for up to 15 attendees.  The fee for additional attendees is $35 pp. 

HANDS ON Dental Hygiene Clinical Instrumentation and Sharpening
This private instruction for individual or small group provides clinical assessment of skills, techniques, posture and positioning. Teaching methods are designed to be relevant to learner needs and learning styles. Confidence building and coaching is emphasized. CEUs are awarded per length of class.
Tuition: $250 for 2 hours, per person. Each additional hour is $125, per person.

by arrangement/ $125 per hour, per person. CEUs are awarded per length of class.

by arrangement/ $125 per hour, per person. CEUs are awarded per length of class.

Payment is due upon confirmation.  PLS accepts V, MC or Discover credit cards. Business or personal checks are made payable to “PLS” and mailed to the address below. For other topics, please inquire.

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