If the course you enrolled in does not have a link for a handout that means there is no handout or the Speaker may bring the handout.  It is up to the Speaker if they choose to provide a handout.
PLS does not print handouts for the courses.
 If your handout is posted below, please print and bring to course. Some links are many pages and great for additional study. It will state “reference” and not needed for class.

Classes on Infection Control
(ICE Prep Class at Schein Dental Facility, Wallingford)

CDC Infection Control in Dentistry (reference)
Handouts will be emailed to registrants upon confirmation.

Classes on Infection Control (Homewood Suites Hotel, Stratford)
Infection Control/OSHA

Class on Radiation, Health and Safety
RHS Blueprint
CDC Infection Control in Dentistry
Successful Intraoral Radiographs
Successful Panaromic Radiographs
Prescribing Dental Intraoral Radiographs
Quality Assurance
RHS (Radiation, Health and Safety)
Mock Practice Exam Prep 1 (provided at class)
Mock Practice Exam Prep 2 (provided at class)


Classes on CPR and Medical Emergencies