How can you tell if you have an authentic PLS CE certificate?

Occasionally we are asked by a dental office or government agency to authenticate CE certificates they have been given as proof of compliance with CE requirements.  Unfortunately, through this process we have discovered instances where counterfeit CE certificates have been issued using the Professional Learning Services name.

Here’s how you can tell if you have an authentic CE Certificate (April 2020 to present):

  1.  PLS CE certificates are emailed from PLS directly to the course participant’s personal email address.  They are not handed out at courses.
  2. The course participant’s name is typed (not written in) and has a PLS watermark behind it like this:PLS Certificate
  3. There is a second, large watermark behind the course description, speaker and CE provider information.
  4. There are additional distinguishing features that will enable PLS staff to verify authenticity.

If you believe you have received an invalid certificate or are unsure, please contact us immediately: 

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