Frequently Asked Questions:

Does PLS continuing education meet different state requirements?

  1. PLS is a nationally and internationally recognized CE Provider by the ADA, AADH and Florida CE Broker.
  2. New York accepts the PLS Infection Control course by its specific standards.
  3. State regulations change periodically, therefore please refer to your specific state CE for qualifying courses.
  4. Some states permit all on-line and some have limits.
  5. PLS provides face to face seminars, live webinars, clinical practice update and online self-study.

How do I find out what seminars/webinars PLS is offering?

  1. Go to https://pls.org/xcart/seminars for a complete list of topics. Click on the topic title for full details. When the page opens, scroll down to the bottom for specifics (time, date, description)

How do I register for seminars/webinars?

  1. Click on the course title, place in shopping cart and check out. Continue the process by filling out a profile form and pay.
  2. it will open as a new page. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see the course description, date, time, etc.

When will I receive a confirmation and a link to the webinar invite?

  1. After payment, you will receive an email confirmation.
  2. SCROLL to the course title and under that, click on “instructions” link. Do this when you first receive the confirmation.
  3. Open the instructions and fill out the brief form. Click “Register”.
  4. You will receive an invite to join the meeting and reminders. Click on the link 15 before the meeting to test audio/visual.

Do the courses provide handouts?

  1. Some topics do have handouts. They would be on the confirmation form next to “instructions.”

What kind of device can I use?

  1. Use any device with an internet connection or data, including laptops, desktops, tablets, or your smartphone.

Do PLS topics fulfill mandatory or general requirements?

  1. Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants require different credit hours in a specific timeframe to comply with state license renewals and or national organization. Click on this link for your state CE regulations (last update: 2017)


If I miss a webinar or want to take it at a different time, is that an option?

PLS does have the capability of recordings on select topics within a time frame proximal to the original live webinar. Contact PLS for details. jturcotte@pls.org

How do I know what courses I need?

Go to your state website for specifics about CE requirements. Below is an example for the CT Department of Public Health: https://portal.ct.gov/DPH/Practitioner-Licensing–Investigations/Dentalhygiene/Dental-Hygienist-Continuing-Education

What is the latest I can sign-up? 

20 minutes before the webinar begins.

Are there breaks?

Breaks are announced by the speaker. Typically, they are 10-minutes. Music will play during the break time.

Are there test questions and an evaluation to complete?

  1. Some presenters will provide a short quiz.
  2. 15 minutes after the course, an email from Survey Monkey (check in spam mail) notifies you to complete a brief quiz/course evaluation.

How do get a Verification Form that shows course completion.

  1. Complete and submit your evaluation
  2. Within 48 hours you will be emailed the form
  3. Retain a copy for your files and provide a copy to your employer (especially Infection Control)

Are there refunds?

PLS provides a link to view the recording, determined by PLS policies.

Can we sign-up as a group, or does everyone need to sign-up separately?

Each person from a group must provide their full name, credential and personal email in order to receive an individual link to the webinar.

What happens if I get disconnected?

Zoom will Log back in on the same device with the same name and email. If you get disconnected again, try using a different device.  If you sign in with a phone number, please email jturcotte@pls.org with your phone number and full name.