Joyce Ann Turcotte, RDH, M.Ed., FAADH
Founder and President, PLS, LLC

Joyce presents seminars, arranges continuing education for other groups and conducts clinical dental hygiene refresher programs on an ongoing basis.  She is and adjunct faculty at Nova Dental School, Department of Periodontics, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Joyce is a consultant and advisor to several corporations. She developed a Speaker’s bureau and critiques continuing education programs for speakers and corporations.  Joyce is a thought leader for 3M, Procter and Gamble, Hu-Friedy, Kuraray, Surgitel and Crown Seating.

In 2014, Joyce was named Mentor of Distinction and received this national award from Philips Oral Health Care and RDH magazine.  Joyce has been recognized in or published for ADHA ACCESS, RDH Magazine and Career Directions for Dental Hygienists, second edition and Professional SAAVY. She has also published in several professional magazines and journals.  Her services to professional organizations include past president to both the Connecticut Dental Hygiene Association and the American Academy of Dental Hygiene.  Her honors include the CDHA Mabel C. McCarthy Award and Sigma Phi Alpha. She is a graduate of Temple University, PA, University of Bridgeport, CT and New York City Community College.

Testimonials: “Thanks, lots of great information” “Thank you, you know your subject”..... “appreciate your expertise”.... “appreciated the exchange of  information”...” really enjoyed it!”  ADHA Lunch and Learn, Tennessee, 2011

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Are You Current in Dental Hygiene and Prepared for the Future ?

We all would like to say we are current in our Dental Hygiene Practice, but are we really?  Are you still thinking the way you did when you graduated?  Did you step away from your career for a few years or change employment and realize you’re “out of step” with what is current?   Are you currently practicing or a recent graduate and want to gain insight on what you will need in the future of dental hygiene?

Through a power point presentation and group participation , this course addresses current practices, professional issues, standards of care and new technologies. Continuing education, career advancement and career paths are explored and discussed..

Teaching Tips for Professional Presentations

An opportunity may arise to deliver a dental health presentation to school aged children, eldercare facility, parent group, sales team, study club or other group. Being prepared to deliver an effective message requires basic skills in communication.  This program addresses principles and techniques essential for delivering an dynamic presentation.

Educator’s Workshop: Teaching Strategies for Classroom & Clinical Instruction

This workshop addresses the instructional challenges in teaching adult learners. A review of educational methods including educational domains, learning styles and teaching strategies will be the focus.  Group discussion, problem solving and experiential learning will be part of the workshop process.

Other CE courses
PLS speakers and topics are relevant to daily practice, provide cutting edge, research based, unbiased information. The speakers are educators, researchers, and clinicians experienced with providing quality continuing education.  They understand the needs of practicing health care professionals and deliver the information by engaging the audience.  Most topics may be tailored to your organizational needs and timeframes varied.

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Partial List of Topics and Speakers
All arrangements are made through PLS

The following list is a sample of what PLS will arrange for your group.   Other topics and speakers may be arranged pending budgets and availability.

Tom Viola, RPh; PCC, Registered Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Care Consultant, national lecturer, Clinical Professor of Pharmacology and faculty member at five dental hygiene schools in NJ.

    CV Drugs
    New Prescription Drugs
    Post Therapeutic Dental Pain
    Top 25 Drugs
    Local Anesthesia

Lynn Soloman, DDS, MS, Associate Professor, Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences.

    Oral Cancer
    HPV and the Oropharyngeal Carcinoma Epidemic
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral Cancer
    Oral Cancer Update
    After the Diagnosis: Management of Oral Cancer
    Head & Neck Cancer Examination
    Radiographic Pathology
    Beauty and the Beast - Panoramic Radiograph Interpretation
    Review of Radiographic Pathology
    Radiographic Differential Diagnosis
    Differential Diagnosis of Periapical Lesions
    Oral Pathology
    Oral Pathology From A to Z
    Autoimmune Diseases with Oral Health Implications
    Oral Mucosal Pathology
    Management of Common Soft Tissue Lesions

Cathie Collier, RDH, MS, AHA Instructor, Adjunct faculty at Lincoln College, Department of Dental Hygiene and national lecturer.

    OSHA: Training your Dental Team and Don’t Wait Till it’s Too Late! Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office
    Caries Management by Risk Assessment
    HIPAA: Dental Settings Application

Winnie Furnari, RDH, MS, Associate Professor, NYU College of Dentistry, national lecturer

    Catastrophe preparedness
    Overview of Forensic Dentistry
    Managing Diabetes with Pharmacy, Optometry, Podiatry & Dentistry

Jane Weiner, RDH, BS, Board Reviews, Inc.

    Florida Law Review Courses for Dentists and Hygienists

Each home study course includes all of the pertinent laws and rules asked about on the FL Laws and Rules test.  The courses are emailed to registrants in an email attachment.

Dental Hygiene CSE preparation

This Dental Hygiene National Board Course is a great way to prepare for the CSE when taking FL DH Boards.  It includes many of the areas that are addressed: Radiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Instrumentation, Ethics, Anatomy and Dental Anatomy and more.

An online study guide with 200 questions developed by experts and dental hygiene educators with extensive board preparation experience.

Students have praised this website for the depth of questions and explanations for correct and incorrect choices which assists in critical thinking.

Dynamic Dental Education, LLC was developed by Joyce Turcotte RDH, BSDHEd, M.Ed, FAADH and Jane Weiner, RDH, BS and contributors.